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As one of pay per click advertising type, In Text Ads appears on a website as a brief text description in boxes with a clear call-to-action, prompting users to learn more information from a partner's website when the mouse pointer is moved over certain advertising keywords. Becontext delivers relevant ads to your users with record high conversion rates, transforming its inventory into cash for publishers!

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Ways to Get Free Traffic

The basic theory of website optimization is quite straight forward. You visit the popular website directories (Google, MSN & Yahoo) and fill in the appropriate information. You enter your URL address, a brief description of your website and the related keywords or keyword phrases and you’re done. Piece of Cake! Just kick back and wait for the search engine spiders to crawl your site and then you’re on page one.

If it was indeed that simple, the search engine directories wouldn’t have the need for a second, third, or 953rd page for your designated search results. Everyone’s website would be on page one. The theory of website optimization and the applied practice thereof are spectrum’s apart.

How to get web traffic, especially free web traffic, is always a million dollar question to every Internet marketer and online business owner. After all, no matter how good your products or services that you offer in your site are, they have no buyers if nobody comes to your site. Hence traffic is very crucial for your online business.

Here are some ways to get traffic for your site:

1. Article marketing – Submitting articles related to our site is one way to get people to see what you got for them. Many sites on the web have credible sites to place your articles at. Submitting ezine articles is an effective way to establish extremely relevant links to your website. In addition to accomplishing the objective, the reader can visit your website directly from the author’s box.

2. Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is yet another great marketing tool at your disposal. There is a question posted on Yahoo Answers for virtually any topic you can think of. Answer questions which are relevant to your niche. After each answer, put a link back to your site. If the asker deems your answer the best, he will vote it best answer.

3. Forums. Join different online communities and forums which are relevant to your niche. Participate in the forums on a regular basis and share your knowledge with other members. Advertise your site by putting your link in the signature line.

4. Video Websites. Submit your internet marketing videos to the venues computer turn to for videos, such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! One great benefit to submitting with one or all of these is that your video will be hosted for free, keeping your website bandwidth for your customers.

5. Traffic exchanges may be used to drive free traffic to your site. But the traffic received is not always targeted.

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