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As one of pay per click advertising type, In Text Ads appears on a website as a brief text description in boxes with a clear call-to-action, prompting users to learn more information from a partner's website when the mouse pointer is moved over certain advertising keywords. Becontext delivers relevant ads to your users with record high conversion rates, transforming its inventory into cash for publishers!

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Keyword Advertising

This type of advertising uses keywords to trigger ads. Typically, advertisers select a set of keywords related to the product or service they wish to advertise. The ads are then displayed in relevant places based on those keywords. For example, Google matches advertiser-selected keywords to user search terms on in order to show relevant ads. Common forms of keyword advertising are known by many other terms including pay per click (PPC) and cost per action (CPA). There are multiple variations each starting with “pay per” or “cost per” such as pay per action (PPA), pay per cost (PPC), cost per mille (CPM).

In addition to and the Google Search Network, your keyword-targeted ads run on the Google Content Network, too. While search sites will only display your keyword ads if particular keywords are a part of a user’s search query, content sites deliver your ads if a page contains content highly relevant to your ads. This is also called contextual advertising. Google analyzes the content, theme, text, and language of the page, and serve ads that closely match. Google will automatically format your ads, and they are always labeled as an advertising/sponsor link. Text ads share the ad unit with up to three other ads on content sites.

Becontext offers keyword advertising seo service which can help you improve your return on investment when it comes to paid search advertising.

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