pay per click advertising solution

As one of pay per click advertising type, In Text Ads appears on a website as a brief text description in boxes with a clear call-to-action, prompting users to learn more information from a partner's website when the mouse pointer is moved over certain advertising keywords. Becontext delivers relevant ads to your users with record high conversion rates, transforming its inventory into cash for publishers!

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Inline Advertising

In-Text Ads adapts to your website content and reflect to the relevancy of keywords in your content. User triggered, less intrusive advertising format allows your site content to mirror the interests of your audience and display relevant topics that enhance your content materials.

Due to Inline Ads’ focus on content, your website audience is able to relate their findings to your ads. Each click on your text link’s banner results in revenue for you. Becontext In-Text Pay Per Click Advertising solutions guarantee the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords and ads.

With Inline Advertising, keywords within the actual content of your web pages are highlighted. Inline Ads are 100% user initiated – related Pay Per Click Ads appear when users mouse over these highlighted keywords. This means you can earn more revenue without freeing up valuable site real estate for advertising or increasing your page impressions.

In-Text Advertising is also a space saver! Content Rich websites are key for increasing the number of visitors – but sometimes space on these websites can be limited. To maximize the earning of your website without removing any interesting content, you may utilize our space-efficient inline text link ads.

The difference is on the delivery side. The first step in delivery is the same—the ad network analyzes the text on the page to decide which purchased keywords ought to trigger ads. But the rest of the experience is different. Unlike contextual ads, which are displayed off to the side as the page is displayed, “inline ads are more unobtrusive”, No more than five inline links are highlighted on a page and the ads are not shown unless the visitor mouses over them.

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