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As one of pay per click advertising type, In Text Ads appears on a website as a brief text description in boxes with a clear call-to-action, prompting users to learn more information from a partner's website when the mouse pointer is moved over certain advertising keywords. Becontext delivers relevant ads to your users with record high conversion rates, transforming its inventory into cash for publishers!

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Contextual Advertising

What are Contextual Ads?

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising used for content- based Web sites that makes targeted ads appear on a web page based on the page’s actual content.

How contextual advertising works?

A contextual advertising system scans the content of a web page for keyword phrases. This system will then return targeted ads based on the content the people accessing the website are viewing. For example, if a blog or forum contains discussions about the different types of Search engines available, then ads about search engines can appear along the top and/or the right side of a page.

The types of Contextual Advertising

# Inline Contextual Advertising – You see that area labeled “Sponsored Links” on the right side of a home page like clicksor? Well, inline contextual ads appear at this area. There are advertisers who are willing to pay more per click so that they can have their ads displayed at the top of a Web page, if the publisher agrees of course. Becontext offers several different types of free, fixed, and premium plans that is tailored to suit every budget.

# In-text Contextual Advertising – With in-text contextual advertising, ads appear within the actual page content. For example, suppose a web site contains an article on sleepwalking, then throughout the article, hypertext links will appear that will be links to contextual ads. Becontext is one the rare B2B companies that offer a whole page of.

# Pop Up Ads – The most unpopular of all the contextual ads is a pop-up or pop-under ad. Fine more info in

Tips for Contextual Advertising

1. Determine overall fit with your site.
If contextual advertising is not working for you as you expect, be sure to check out other forms to monetize your web real estate such as affiliate programs and CPM-based advertising.
2. Develop solid content for your users.
The more quality content you have, the greater your propensity to earn from contextual advertising.
3. Increase visibility of your site.
Increasing your traffic and continuously building your website is always a good way to improve revenues, not just contextual advertising.
4. Diversify keywords.
To protect your revenues from wild fluctuations, the best approach would be to diversify your keywords by developing content based on different topics. The price of a click for one keyword may decrease, but you still have other competitive keywords where advertisers are placing big bids.
5. Use and analyze available data.
After sign up in becontext, you will be provided with reports that tell you how effective the program is working on your site. The basic metrics will include page/ad impressions, number of clicks, click-through rate (CTR) and earnings.