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As one of pay per click advertising type, In Text Ads appears on a website as a brief text description in boxes with a clear call-to-action, prompting users to learn more information from a partner's website when the mouse pointer is moved over certain advertising keywords. Becontext delivers relevant ads to your users with record high conversion rates, transforming its inventory into cash for publishers!

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10 Useful SEO Tools for Internet Marketer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of optimizing your site to rank higher in SERP or Search Engine Result Position. Being on page one of Google is the ultimate goal of any webmaster. The higher you are on the search results, the more organic traffic you will get. That’s where online SEO tools are available at your disposal to check and diagnose the SEO status of your site so you can take all the necessary steps to improve your overall search engine ranking.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing becoming one of the hottest trends in web technology. There are hundreds of paid tools that cost well over 100 dollars a month. If you are just starting out there are a number of free tools that will help you optimize your site and increase conversion. Use this tools correctly and you will be on your way to increase traffic, page rank, and high search engine rankings.

1. Google External Keyword Tool – Google is one of the biggest and most powerful search engine, so it just makes sense to use them to give you detailed reports and related keywords. Google external keyword tool is great for PPC marketing, you can find out the search volume per month and also the price you will pay per click.
2. PageRank Checker is a free tool to check Google Page Ranking of any site and its pages easily and instantly. Google PageRank or PR is a measure of any sites popularity based on Google kept-secret algorithm. The PR is an indication of certain authority to your site and how important it is in the eyes of Google.
3.Google Trends – Google trends is a great way to optimize you PPC campaigns. You can use it to find what months that keyword or your product is most popular. For example type in roses in google trends, and no surprise there is one spike every year. can you guess what it is?
4.Dead link checker – Do you have 404 errors and dead links? Search engines hate these. Find them and fix them
5.Seobook Toolbar – Among their useful set of tools they also have a rank checker to check the results of your hard work.
6.SEO Chat – Just a lot of tools. you got to check it out.
7.Duplicate Article Checker – Duplicate page finder or similar page checker is very useful tool to find out the similar pages available over the internet. Using duplicate content is something that may damage your web site as far as the search engine optimization is concern.
8.Google Analytic – This is a must have tool, simple to install, and has a lot of reporting features.
9.Reciprocal Link Check – check whether your link partners are linking back to your website, a popularity score given to a website based on inbound links.
10.XML-Sitemaps – Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Yahoo and other search engines to help them crawl your website better.